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    Welcome to AlTawasul Financial & Investment Services L.L.C. We believe in the partnership with our investors and stakeholders. We put experience of more 20 years of Finance and Investment under your control.

                                Ali. M. Al Lawati, General Manager

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    AlTawasul communicate with its customers by improving excellent communication trading hall. They are more than welcome to discuss, exchange at the same time they buy and sell.

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    Our technical support staffs are available and ready to interact with technology issues. Your experience with us will be different when you see the connection to the market up all the time. We believe every second is very important.

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    At AlTawasul you will be welcomed the minute arrive until the minute you leave. We ensure your visit will bring you closer from us and your business will move forward. Simply you are our partner in the improvements.

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Data Source MSM


Our customers can trade in MSM using our eTrading product. We provide secured communication channel to the MSM.


Market Watch

The market watching window will bring you a closer look to watch the MSM shares online activities. So you can make your mind.

Market Watch

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It is our duty to make watch the Indices movement from time to time. Gainers, Losers, Most Active By Volume and Turnover.

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AlTawasul Financial & Investment Service L.L.C.

We were established on the 1st of February 2008 and started its operations by the 16th of June 2008. The company is a subsidiary of Al Tawasul Investment L.L.C. Al Tawasul is licensed as per the Royal Decree No. 80/98 and the executive statute of Capital Market Laws issued by Ministerial Resolution No. 4/2011 and its amendments for financial services.

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  • Said Plaza Building, Al Qurm, Sultatnate of Oman
  • Phone: (968) 24662700
  • Fax: (968) 24565212
  • Email: info@altawasul-oman.com

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