Al Tawasul Financial Investment Services L.L.C. was established on the 1st of February 2008 and started its operations by the 16th of June 2008. The company is a subsidiary of Al Tawasul Investment L.L.C. Al Tawasul is licensed as per the Royal Decree No. 80/98 and the exectutive statute of Capital Market Laws issued by Ministerial Resolution No. 4/2011 and its amendments for financial services. Al Tawasul is associated with Muscat Securities Market (MSM) and capital Market Authority (CMA) and is regulated and operates under the laws of Sultanate of Oman.

Currently, Al Tawasul has brokerage advisory services on Muscat Securities Market (MSM). A state of art trading room is set with large display screen to facilitate live market watch and trade. Broker terminals are placed comfortably for guidance and to execute trades upon instruction. Executed trades can be checked by tracking the account by trader, through personal Al Tawasul broker or through Al Tawasul website.

Our services includes:

  • Internal Broker
  • External Broker
  • Stock Investment Consultancy
  • Electronic Trading (eTrading)
  • Application Forms

    Authorized Signatory Form
    Purchase Authorization
    Sales Authorization
    Investor Registration Form

    AlTawasul Financial & Investment Service L.L.C.

    We were stablished in 2008 with a half million Omani Rials. We are authorised to perform indoor security market tasks. We are targeting large shares by delivering our service to large number of customers and investors

    Contact Us

    • Said Plaza Building, Al Qurm, Sultatnate of Oman
    • Phone: (968) 24662700
    • Fax: (968) 24565212
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